An Introduction to My Human Experience

Hello reader! My name is Mecca. First off, thank you for taking the time to visit my blog! I want this blog to be for YOU! It is called ‘My Human Experience’ for a reason, and you, my friend, are human (I hope). This is a blog of personal stories, experiences, and opinions, and, sometimes, not just of my own. I will ask other humans to share their stories and request topics. Education is my first love, and there are a million ways for people to learn conventionally. This is not that. There may be ‘TMI’ moments, opinions you do not share, even spelling errors (if you catch one feel free to call me on it, they are my easter eggs). With all that considered, I hope you find something here that benefits you.

This blog will cover topics including, but not limited to: average girl fitness; mostly healthy food; spontaneous travel adventures; and inexpensive, natural beauty routines.

Now, who am I? I am a 21 year old college student (classification is now by credits left) trying to make my dreams come true. Some of my dreams include being a successful, self made millionaire; traveling and experiencing the whole wide world; starting a nonprofit for an underrepresented population; and having my dream home with a nerd cave in it. I am a Pisces and spiritual being. I love nature, yoga, spirituality, adventures, and life. I have only recently started living my best life, so I hope you stick around as I encourage you to live yours!

I wanted to keep my general introduction short as you will be learning a lot about me in future posts. In this blog I will be very transparent with you about how I feel. I want to write about my life and my perspectives as I heal from the past and grow for the future. I hope you will be along for the ride.

With Love,

Mecca <3

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The start of my 20 - somethings has been eventful. Follow me on my journey of life lessons and ways to enhance my human experience.

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