Moving on (to Colorado and Beyond)!

Hey y’all! I wanted to take some time to share a life changing idea. Everyone’s idea of ‘life changing’ may be different. But for me, I want to change my plan. I want to ‘follow my heart’ (as corny as it sounds). I am in my third year in college. My life has progressed since year one. I live in an apartment, have a small circle of friends, and have a remote job. Though I have worked hard for these upgrades, there is a small grateful, but unsatisfied part that I could not figure how to shake. Then I got a blessing from a woman I have never seen or spoke to.

The idea: Live in exented stays so you can have the freedom to travel and experience life. I have always wanted to travel but with minimal risk while I gain travel smarts. I am exhausted with leases and I am losing excitement in the city. I want to express my personal freedom!

I am starting with Colorado. I have always wanted to go for the nature and actual FRESH air! I want to see new faces and experience new things! I have felt in a rut honestly. I have been working on my emotional healing and give myself strength. My healing process has been difficult, but I have no time to waste. Come along for the ride as I make my way to the mountains!


Mecca <3

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The start of my 20 - somethings has been eventful. Follow me on my journey of life lessons and ways to enhance my human experience.

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