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Confidence and where to get it

I do not know about many of you, but I do not always feel comfortable in my skin or confident in myself. I have those moments of insecurity that carry on for days. I nitpick in the mirror about what needs to change, completely ignoring the full picture in front of me. I read on a kombucha bottle to, “Smile as if you just ran into the most beautiful person in the world”. That quote encouraged me to explore some self love. I would like to share with you how I pick myself up when I feel like sh*t.

This one may be a bit obvious but look in the mirror. I have avoided mirrors at some points because of what I thought I looked like. How can you truly see yourself with just glimpses once in a while. Take a moment, look in the mirror. There has never been anyone like you, there isn’t now, and there never will be. You inspire the sun to rise in the morning. Look at the eyes, nose and lips that were made just for you. Be careful what you call a flaw.

Wash your face and clean your body. Sometimes feeling fresh and clean (queue Outkast) will make a difference in your mood. Also do not forget to drink water. Whether you like it room temp or ice cold, grab yourself a cup. Be refreshed inside and out 🙂

Dress up a little. You do not always have to put on lipstick or a tie to feel dressed up (but it still applies here). What makes you feel confident? Do you have a pajama set that you wear on good days, or a dress that makes you feel like a goddess? Do you have lingerie or sexy clothes that you want to walk around in? Go for it. When you look good, it helps you feel good.

Check in with yourself. Too often we get lost in the chaos of the world and forget to check in. You can do this in many ways, including meditation, walking, grounding or exercising. Find a space where you feel comfortable to think freely. How does your physical being feel? Any pain you’ve been ignoring? What about your emotions? Any fear or anxieties you’ve been having? Ask yourself, “how are you” and mean it.

Of course there are more ways to feel confident, but you can only get it from you. These are tips that have helped me feel more comfortable when I am feeling low. I hope this has helped you.

Take a deep inhale (1, 2, 3) and exhale (1,2,3,4). Take care of yourself <3



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