Doing My Best (Making good habits on hard days)

I get in a slump sometimes, especially towards the end of a depressive episode. It does not help to criticize, punish, or regret what I could not get done while I was down. I find it helpful to do a ‘brain dump’ on a piece of paper. A ‘brain dump’ is technique used to express thoughts and ideas that are overwhelming your mind and releasing it onto paper. This technique can help you think more clearly. I noticed that I feel a bit more motivated after a ‘brain dump’.

Start with an open writing document or a pen and paper. Write down everything you are thinking about onto the page. It can be messy or neat, just every thought, goal, or emotion is meant for the brain dump. After writing, organize the parts into a productive plan you can follow. I decided to take a piece of a project board and creatively place my ideas, goals, and motivation on it. I also decided to call it a “Better Board’ since the goal is to make me feel better and help me do better. Here is an example below.

My most recent “Better Board”

Mine is pretty messy but that is how I like it. Everyone’s will look different, and as long as it fits you, it is perfect. For those who want more of an overview of my board or some ideas, I have created a small workbook of my simple routines for self-improvement. You can access that below!

This is a fun exercise, but if you start to feel overwhelmed or stressed for any reason, take a break. Take a breath, explore the feelings and decide your next step. You are the most important, so take care of yourself and do what works for YOU.


Mecca <3

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