Have a good morning! Little ways to jumpstart your day :)

Good morning to you! I wanted to check in on your energy today. How did you wake up feeling today? Sometimes I wake up ready to take on the day. Other times, I look forward to going back to sleep in x amount of hours. Normally, on the days I feel the least prepared, I will make some coffee, grab an energy drink, and/or get something sweet to eat. I loved a donut and a Bang energy drink for breakfast in sophomore year of college. I was working, had early classes, meetings with my study group, homework projects, and needed to hang out with my friends. The tiredness masked with sugar and caffeine helped me survive my very full days, but this dangerous addition to my body started to wear on me. My chronic migraines got more intense. I also began to ‘crash’ more frequently, and my sleep patterns were completely thrown off. I would get more tired from what was supposed to feed me energy. I have recently cut out caffeine and morning sugar for my health, so now I am obligated to rely on the natural energy I get from waking up.

Realistically, getting 7+ hours a night… EVERY NIGHT is crazy tough, so the energy you wake up with may not be enough for the day ahead. Sometimes I just need an energy boost to get me through the day. Start your day with an awakened spirit and a positive attitude!

Move your body! A great way to wake up your body for the day is to get active. Depending on how you feel, choose an activity that you can do. If you are super sleepy, pass on the treadmill and do some energized breathing. I normally choose between these three morning activities on days I am not ‘feelin it’.

Qigong is the art of coordinating movement, posture, breathing and meditation to awaken spiritual energy and release tension in the body. Qigong (chee – gong) is a great practice for becoming a master of your energy. When I wake up before my alarm, I like to use that time as an opportunity to connect with myself. Practicing qigong early in the morning helps me clear my mind and balance the energy in my body.

A Sun Salutation is a yoga flow meant to open, strengthen and warm the entire body. When I wake up with stiff muscles, or anxiety, I like to roll out my mat for a good yoga practice. I focus my mind on my breath and my balance.

Cardio – Getting the blood pumping with a jog or a light exercise routine is great when waking up with low energy. If I wake up in a bad mood, I push out an cardio mat workout or take a walk/jog/run.

Do not forget to fuel up! Activate your digestive system with a glass of water before breakfast. A protein rich breakfast can also give you the power you need to start the day!

Have a great day!



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