Academic Anxiety… Is that a thing?

Academic anxiety is  ‘when someone experiences the symptoms of anxiety as a result of schoolwork or stress related to schoolwork‘ (psychology today 2021). That article discusses academic anxiety in adolescence. I found a Cornell study that explains academic anxiety a bit more in depth for adults pursuing higher education. A moderate amount of anxiety can promote motivation, but a high level of anxiety can interfere with academic success. The article explained components to academic anxiety and shares methods of reducing the anxiety (Cornell 2015).

Currently, I am working on an assignment now and right when I look at it my heart pounds and I shudder. What I have to do is so easy, but I can’t bring myself to go back to the tab. Let me break down the task. I need to write a discussion board over an short article I have to pick. The module is literally over something I am good at… citing sources (especially in APA, ASA and MLA formats). I have to discuss what I find interesting from the article, and share two strategies to apply to use information ethically, and the importance citing your sources. Literally in just 250 words or more.

Lemme just examine an article and get back to you….one sec. Listen to ‘She’ by Tyler the Creator w/ Frank Ocean


I chose an article that discusses the relationship between science and religion. What I found interesting was how the researchers took into consideration that the western conversation of science vs religion is primarily evaluating Christian ideology. Therefore the study sought perspectives of Buddhists, Hindus, and Muslims. Using a small group sample from each religious affiliation, the research gathered that Muslim faith and Hindu faith can make connections between science and their religion. The study backs up the idea that there is no one universally known relationship between religion and science (Pew 2021).

It took me about 2 hours to complete the assignment with my stalling and distractions, but I got it done! I have been struggling with my academic anxiety for about a year now. I am close to graduating with my bachelors degree, so I am learning to eliminate my anxiety when it comes to school. I close my eyes and take 5 deep, slow breaths if I start feeling worry, boredom, or stress. Taking care of your mental health is necessary for success. Take care of yourself <3




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