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I decided to start traveling at 21

Hi Y’all! I wanted to take the time to invite you into my dreams. It can be hard to keep hope alive for dreams due to crushing day jobs, life struggles, and of course, money. I decided to take a leap as a start.

My initial plan was to graduate univeristy with my Bachelor’s of Science in Sociology then go on to be a traveling social researcher. I was going to take a year to backpack around different countries then go back to school for my masters degree. The plan was solid and seemed doable, but my plan changed. I was realizing the truth of adulthood. That’s truth being: there is no time to wait!

When the pandemic hit it through everyone for a loop. I packed up my dorm midsemester and moved home. My mind and my body were suffering from academic stress, social stress, and now family stress. My spirit had some cracks in it from missing my social life, losing friends, and struggling to keep up academically. Also, being a ‘broke college student’ couldn’t be more real. I hit a wall. We were all locked away and everything became virtual.

I already signed my apartment lease and could not get out, so I decided to move into my very first apartment ever (mid pandemic). That was an experience in itself. As the time to move came closer, I was struggling with my options, and was growing extremely tired of my state. My boyfriend went on a trip to Florida and came back inspired so he decided to take me the next week. It was my very first time in an airport, on a plane, and vacationing at a beach. I was in paradise when I was in Miami. I enjoyed every moment and decided I want to have that vacation feeling as often as possible …… but my trip was only 4 days. Sounds impossible to pick up my life, quit my job(s) and move away while still finding ways to live comfortably.

I had to revisit my dream to travel after college and only taking a year to explore the world. I wanted to pace myself and enjoy life to the fullest. So I opened my mind to unconventional ways to make my dream come true.

[Insert ‘Stranger that changed my life ‘ story] My boyfriend came from work with a bracelet in his pocket. Gifted to me from a woman he met at work, who told me to keep it as a sign of good faith since I was struggling to find my next step. This woman was a traveler with her husband and children. She explained that she does it by living in hotels. I was intrigued by this unconventional means of travel so I looked into it. I was surprised that this was even a possibility! I did my research and called around until I booked my first month ij the beautiful Colorado. This would be my new chapter. I got my car maintenance, backed up my apartment, and took the 12 hour roadtrip to Denver. I did some exploring and felt this was where I needed to be.

Hotel living lasted about 3 1/2 months, then I got an apartment as my resting point while I work on my career. The leap to move into a hotel in an unfamiliar state was worth all that I have learned. I am working to continue my journey and learn how to explore the world within my means. I am also working to grow my means… if you know what I mean 😏

My next destinations are Vegas, LA, Costa Rica, Italy, Canada and more! If you want to travel like me, stick around and I’ll give you the tea. Bars (mic drop)


Mecca ❤

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