Out with the Old (Year) and in with the New (Year)!

Hello my loves! We have made it to December 2021 (Queue the celebration music)! That means this crazy year is coming to a close. Here I am… munching on hot fries watching ‘Last Holiday’ in my new apartment thinking, “How do I want my 2022 year to be?”. I want to travel every month. The month of December is my month for reflecting on the year I had, planning for the next year, and completing tasks that will help me start the new year fresh. My December goals are to tie up my loose ends and begin goal setting for the new year!

Here is one way I organize my visions and communicate my intentions to the universe.

I start by setting my intention. What do I want to accomplish this month to prepare for the new year? I want to go into 2022 free of financial burden and ready for new adventures! I want to get into good routines for my body, my mind and my soul. I am saving up money, and settling into my new place. My main goals are to become self employed, graduate college and do some more traveling. In order to achieve those goals, I need to be a pro in managing myself. I need to learn how to invest my money into my goals.

How do I tie up loose ends and what do I mean by that? 2021 was jampacked with change, growth and discovery. In the midst of it, I have taken out loans, moved states, traveled, transferred schools, etc. I want to go into the new year feeling confident in the changes I made. I want to pay off all personal loans and payment plans. I want to set up automatic payments for my new bills. I want to create a solid graduation plan. Putting these plans into action would get me to a fresh start. I am making a bucket list, vision board and a checklist for starting off the new year!

What does my 2022 look like?

I also made a quick bucket list for the new year. Bucket lists are always subject to change, and that’s what makes them exciting. I put anything I want to experience of accomplish, on my bucket list.

I refer back to my bucket list throughout the year in case I lose track of goals. When I begin to slow down or feel ‘bored’, I look at the list for inspiration.

Visualizing the New Year is great for combatting the holiday stress. I was feeling a bit down about not being able to travel home for the holiday season, or buy everyone the gifts I planned to. I realized that the best gift is to keep working to become my best self. As easily as I get lost in my responsibilities, I want to make a conscious effort to protect my higher self. I am creating management plans for the major components of my life so that next year I can focus on living instead of worrying. I can get easily overwhelmed, so this year I am drafting out rewards for my ‘big girl’ accomplishments to keep me going towards my goals. Rewards can be as small as a bath to as large as a trip. The rewards I give myself will be of equal value of the accomplishments. I am not booking a trip to Jamaica just because I finished a discussion board….. an exam maybe. Anyhow, here is a little draft I have come up with for my rewards.

Simple things that make me work harder.

I will share templates and ideas for visualization and manifestation soon! For now, write down what you want to accomplish in 2022. Think about your goals and how you plan to accomplish them. Think about living your best life, and plan to do so! This could be YOUR year.



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