A Yogi New Year! Evolving my yoga practice for 2022

Hello Hello! I wanted to share a New Year resolution of mine with you. I want to be a better yogi! What I mean by that is, I want to be more consistent and develop my lifestyle around it. I was a committed yogi in the past, but over the years my practice has been infrequent. Yoga positively impacts my life. It keeps me disciplined and grateful, even when I go through rough times. Yoga strengthens my mind and my body so that I can enjoy life daily. Going long periods of time without practicing cause my muscles to stiffen and my joints to tighten, so I want to get back to it! Caring for my temple will be my number 1 priority.

“I love being a yogi. I eat my greens, salute the sun, and practice gratitude daily. My yoga practice is in my nature, and I cannot start my day without it. I stay active with outdoor activities and gym time. I always seek out creative ways to get active”. This will be my 2022 reality. Here is my daily ritual to transform myself into a consistent practicing yogi.

Early Rising to salute the sun! When I wake up in the morning, I like to take my time. I take 3 deep breathes and sit up. I put in my headphones and listen to frequency sounds or uplifting music while I prepare for my day. I roll out my mat and sit I a cross-legged position. I close my eyes and breathe deeply to clear my mind and relax my body. I shift my body to straighten my legs in front of me. I begin to activate my legs, starting with flexing and curling my toes and circling my ankles. My flat feet carry me all day, so they often cramp or ache (I’ll make sure to add an inversion pose in my practice as well). I stand with my feet hip width apart in a strong mountain pose. I inhale as I sweep my arms up, and exhale when bringing them back to my sides. I do this 6 times before I fold forward to begin my sequence.

My main sequence is a classic sun salutation. I find it personally valuable to learn and practice the sun and moon salutations daily to perfect foundational poses and practice sequencing. I am starting slow since my body’s condition after being out of practice makes level 1 movements uncomfortable. I will focus on finding my form and uses breathing techniques. I will modify movements anytime my body feels pain or strain, and continue with my sequence. It is better for me to modify then to stop the practice.

A sun salutation sequence. My goal is to go through the sequence at least three times.

I do sun salutations early in the morning (8am) and in the early afternoon (1 pm).

I start my first moon salutation after work (6 pm) and complete my last at night before bed (11 pm).

Moon Salutation sequence. I will move through this sequence at lease three times.

I want to perfect this routine for the month of January. That will help me make yoga a habit, and my practice will be well incorporated into my daily life. After that, I will advance my practice. This is also important for me to practice discipline. I want to be in control of my health, and eventually teach yoga to others. This is my plan to stay on track.

I will track and document my progress start January 1, 2022! Follow me on my socials (at myhumanexperience21 on Insta and Tumblr) and join me in accomplishing a month resolution! Wish me luck, and HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!



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