New Moon Ritual (Sunday, January 2, 2022)

Hi loves! Tonight is the first new moon of the 2022 year! A new moon signifies opportunities for change, which makes it a great opportunity to perform a manifestation ritual. Set your intention and soak up the moons energy! Let this serve as a simple guide to beginning a new moon ritual. It is a good idea to start with a moon salutation, meditation or chant. Get in a good mood so positivity can bless every part of your ritual. After feeling uplifted, it is time to prepare for your ritual.

Find your location! Where can you comfortably perform your ritual? Are you in sight of the moon? I am choosing to perform my ritual by the lake, in the snow at midnight. I can see the moon clearly, I can breathe fresh air and I feel at peace.

Gather your materials! I love to start with a piece from each four elements. The four elements are used to strengthen my manifestation and intentions during rituals. Earth can bring balance and set a foundation for your goal. Materials to represent Earth include, but are not limited to, leaves, soil, shells, flowers, rocks. Air summons courage to fulfill your dreams. This element can assist you when making big moves by connecting you to the universe. Represent air with incense, a feather, a handfan, fresh air. Fire summons bravery and offers protection. It represents growth/transformation. Use amber, a sunflower, an herb, or a candle to represent the element of fire. Water is the element of creation or creativity. Also, fertility and emotions. Water can simply be represented by a cup of water. At a drop to your forehead (third eye) for good measure as you begin the ritual. I will have a cup of water, seashells/rocks, a candle, herbs.

Perform your unique ritual! On a piece of paper, write an intention for this month/year. What have you been working to manifest in your life recently? What negativity do you want to let go of? What areas of your life do you need abundance? Internalize the feelings you wish to have, and write down your wish.

Move to your space! As you sit in your ritual space with your elements in front of you, begin to take slow deep breaths. Relax your mind and body. Take some time to reflect on your intention. Visualize it being your reality. Remember that your thoughts become things.

After your reflection, bury, rip or burn the paper (I personally burn my paper and put the fire out in a cup of water) to release its energy. Now you have completed a new moon ritual!

Tip: Raising your vibration can positively impact your ritual and the energy around your intention. You can raise vibrations through movement like dance and other activities. Or, include another ritual, like a moon bath 🙂 Enjoy your night! Namaste my loves <3



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