P***y Problems and how to protect your treasure

Hi there! I am currently sitting on a yoni steaming seat and decided to talk about keeping a healthy vagina. So far, the steam is crazy relaxing. I will share more about Yoni steaming in a later post 🙂

Vaginas are COMPLICATED, period. It is naturally moist but needs to be kept dry. But not too dry that it ruins the skin of your labia. Not too wet that it gives you an infection. Too much hair traps odor. Not enough hair leads to infection and irritation. Coochies do not smell like flowers…. but the products for our coochies do. Nobody seems to know how to ACTALLY clean it. Medicines, supplements, diet changes, hormones, etc, can all effect a vagina. Maybe some women are blessed to not have a single p***y problem….. not this woman. I will briefly talk about my own cooty cat for educational purposes. This is a judgement free zone, and I will prove it to you by talking about my vagina!

I take my vagina VERY seriously. It is always on my mind. When I became sexually active, it changed everything about my vagine. Sharing ‘special’ germs with somebody can be dangerous for your vagina. My ph balance flew off the handle and I began having constant yeast infections, when that stopped, I would get BV. I tragically learned I was allergic to latex when I had a HORRIFIC reaction that damaged my labia and my confidence. There were sores and cuts, there was strange discharge, there was stinging, itchy and burning on the skin (whatever skin was left). The whole couple weeks of healing was HELL. After that experience, and the multiple trips to doctors who could not tell me anything, I wanted to share what I learned so that you can protect your treasure (vagina).

Physical care for the vagina is pretty simple. Keep her clean, trimmed and moisturized. How to wash your pearl: Just add water! Since your vagina has it own cleaning system, there is not much YOU have to do. You can add a bit of a natural soap, but generally water should do for basic cleaning. After sex, periods, infections, or any other ways a vagina can get messy. Be GENTLE, add some ph balancing cleanser or natural soap to a soft rag or your hand with some warm water, gently wash between folds and the outside of the vagina. I personally wash my vagina first so that she can have a break and enjoy the shower or bath without further interruption.

I stopped going bald down there after all the drama, and decided trimming was best for me. Coochie styles may vary, but here is how to trim: I like to use clean facial hair scissors because they are small. I gently pull on the hair and cut safely to the skin. Take your time and, again, be gentle. Act like you are cutting eyelash hair. Don’t take your eye out. Dampen the skin (I prefer to trim before I shower so I use a spray bottle with warm water and I trim the long hairs down). After your kitty is clean and trimmed, it is time to add moisture. I use pure aloe vera gel. It is scentless, soothing, and moisturizing.

I hope you enjoyed this quick vagina talk! There will be more anatomy, sex and health posts in the near future. Take care of your body! It’s the only one you’ve got.


Mecca <3

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