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When Mercury is “in retrograde”…

Hey. I don’t know if you’ve noticed but, mercury is in retrograde. Have you ever heard that? “Mercury is in retrograde”? Have you ever wondered what that means? Or, how that effects your life? Well, I have been feeling the effects strongly, and I wanted to share my experience!

But first! what does the ‘Mercury Retrograde’ mean. The astronomical definition of ‘retrograde motion’ is the apparent opposite movement of a planet or other astrological systems. planets. In astrology, mercury being in retrograde effects our experiences with transportation, communication and technology. Its recommended that people avoid purchasing technology.

I have been experiencing feelings of uncertainty. So I am trying not to make too many sudden moves in this state. There is potential for exaggerated stress in the atmosphere right no, so I am avoiding drastic changes. All of my crazy, new ideas will need to be reviewed before action after Feb. 3. 22. Don’t make a big purchase or a big decision right now. Do the research, meditate (or pray), workout, stay busy until retrograde ends before taking big leaps.

I am applying this to myself as well, because I am considering some major career/life changes. I am limiting myself to just research and preparation, no execution! Not going to jump on anything quite yet. I am thinking about teaching ESL, fitness modeling, moving out of the US, and/or selling feet pics. I know it’s random, but I am just speaking my truth. I have been feeling like a change is going to happen. I was recently worrying about money and looking at different jobs. I felt so tired, emotional, and broke. I even got scammed on Instagram (no money lost, but still). That, of course was my last straw, I have to get myself right and be patient. I feel it might be time to explore different options for reaching my goals. BUT! as much as this could be true, there is still a giant amount of preparation needed for these new changes. I am continually working on myself physically and spiritually. I got over my sickness and visited my family. I am back to my healthy eating and workout routines. I am taking vitamins and booking a doctor’s appointment to get back on my medication (it has been about 3 months now). The retrograde is time to prepare for the action! I want to be as strong, confident, and healthy as possible for new ventures.

So, that’s where I am at. Am I crazy? Or, are you feeling things too? Remember your strength and be calm. This will pass, and days will get EVEN brighter! Leave a comment if you have felt personally victimized by mercury’s retrograde 🙂 Drink lots of water and stay warm.


Mecca <3

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