5 Ways to Love your Body the way it is

Hi lovelies! I felt overly conscious of my body at the gym yesterday, and had to curb a negative thought. The thought was, ‘Ugh, it’s going to take forever for me to get in shape’. That thought made me frown and start feeling discouraged. My Counter-thought was, ‘I am going to enjoy the journey of achieving the body of my dreams’. The journey will come with self discovery, discipline, love, and milestones, so I need to embrace it. I mentioned wanting to pursue fitness modeling in my Mercury Retrograde post. I have been doing some research and decided my step one is to make fitness my obsession.

This is a body goal of mine. If you have a body goal, I wish you luck! And before you start looking at ways to accomplish these goals fast, cheap, and easy, it’s a good idea to establish a positive self-image. Why? So that you can make the best and healthiest choices for your body. Take a moment to reflect on how you currently care for your body, and how you plan to care for it when reaching your goal(s). Identify the changes that can be beneficial or detrimental to your health. Cherish your body with self care and positive talk. Remember: Reflection is a necessary step in goal setting, and goal achieving.

Here are 5 ways to love your body!

Self love + Self care = A Positive Self Image. Look at your beautiful body in the mirror, and give it a smile. This body holds your insides in. Check yourself out. What are your favorite features? Turn up the booty poppin music, and dance in the mirror to your favorite songs. Make funny faces, make yourself laugh. Be conscious when caring for your body. Take a bubble bath or relaxing shower. Slowly bathe yourself, with all of your attention. Moisturize and massage your skin while listening to ‘Anti’ (or other Ri ri albums). Do what makes you feel good and empowered.

Dress up! Since the apocalypse began, I stopped dressing up and doing my hair. I haven’t gotten out much lately. I miss blasting music while getting ready for a date, or discussing outfit choices with my girls for a night out. Since the social opportunities are limited, I don’t get to dress up often. Some outfits don’t look the same on me (since gaining quarantine weight), and some have been collecting dust and aren’t my style anymore (I am definitely in need of a shopping spree). Some days, when I am feeling good, I like to dress up! Whether it is running my errands in a cute fit, or making French toast in my lingerie, I am looking good for me. Wearing what makes you feel confident is a big mood booster :).

When feeling ‘Fergalicious’, I need to work on my fitness. I know I say it often, but keeping active is great for general health. Not only will it help you look great with routine, but it will make you feel great too (Thank you Endorphins!). I like to work out early in the morning before breakfast, because it makes me feel like a goddess to push my limits. Sometimes, just dancing and singing while cleaning the house makes me feel body positive. Enjoying physical activity makes it more doable. Try kickboxing or rock climbing. Skate around the park or bounce on a trampoline. Pilates and yoga are good options too! And, don’t forget to eat a nutritious meal!

It’s a date! For a self esteem boost, sometimes I take myself on a date. It can feel refreshing to enjoy my own company. Hanging out with friends, or a partner can be fun, but I like me too! I create a date for myself based on my mood, the weather, and my funds, so that I am comfortably caring for myself. Lately I have had more at-home dates, but when I do go out, I might have breakfast at a coffee shop then browse a bookstore. Or have lunch at a park and take pictures of nature. I do what makes me feel comfortable and happy. Whether it is getting pampered at a spa or seeing a afternoon movie. It is important to stay safe when traveling alone! Be aware of your surroundings, make sure a loved one knows where you are, and carry protection (pepper spray, stun gun, knife, etc). Do what you enjoy, safely (Be Fashionably Safe! ).

Rest and recovery. We probably overwork ourselves, more than we are willing to admit. When I am tired I often push myself to stay awake to be more productive. My eyes are locked on a screen for at least 8 hours a day. When I worked at in-person jobs, I was mostly on my feet all day (retail work). Then when I’d get home I would eat quickly, stare at a TV or computer screen for a few hours before falling asleep. I forget that rest is essential to my health, and to not feel guilty about it. Bodies heal with periods of rest. I’ve also learned I have to conserve my energy when dealing with stressful situations. I practice mindfulness and meditation to help me relax throughout the day.

How do you show love to you body? Let me know in the comments :). Take care of yourself, because you deserve it!



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