Mercury Direct! Back to Normal

Finally! Mercury Retrograde is over!! I have been counting down the days. My thoughts have been scrambled, my emotions were not consistent, and I felt a complete loss of direction. But my horoscope told me today, “you wouldn’t be who you are, without realizing all the things you’re not”. That hit me, because I was feeling insecure about my choices. I began questioning if I am even going the right way for my future success. I wondered if I was doing too much, or not enough. With Mercury regaining direct motion, I feel like I can get back on track and regain the confidence to continue my personal journey.

I recently shared my new creative ventures (yoga teaching, modeling, podcasting), and soon I will clearly see what next steps I will need to take. During retrograde, I made sure not to take big steps. I started with perfecting a yoga flow, maintaining a diet and exercise regimen, and lots of brainstorming! Did I cry on the treadmill more than once? Yes! But I made it to the gym! Did I feel broke as a joke? Yes! But I was still blessed. Did I consider major life changes out of fear? Yes! But I know I am where I need to be. I pushed everyday to keep myself sane. I learned to speak up for what I need/want, and not shy away from asking questions (or for updates). I learned to reach out to my friends or family when I feel down, and not see myself as a burden.

Mercury retrograde was tough, but necessary. It provided time to reflect on our past, present and future. I was able to identify delicate parts of my spiritualty (i.e. self image and emotional health) that I could work on. I had to practice patience and restraint, because when my mind is foggy I cannot make sound decisions. I practice controlling my emotions in stressful situations. I also found a way to feel more confident and motivated when caring for my body.

It was a test of strength, and I believe we passed! Now it is time to get back to business! I am ready to put in the work to make my dreams come true, and I hope you are too! I included some “homework” below to help us transition into a clearer state of consciousness so that we can take action in our lives. Stick to what you know or try something new. This is about raising your vibrations to live a peaceful, blessed life. After work and a workout, I am going to take a spiritual bath and journal for 30 minutes.

I hope you all made it out of retrograde somewhat intact! I’d love to hear how you survived retrograde and what your post retrograde goals are! Your days are about to get so much better! Stay warm!



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