I tried a pole fitness class and this was the result!

Hello lovelies! I wanted to share a secret with you all….. I don’t see myself as a SEXY person. To be fair, most of my life so far has been childhood (I am going on 22) so there was no need to be sexy. I truly was a late bloomer when it came to, well, kinda everything. The very first time I put my hands on my knees to twerk was my first semester of college. I spent a long time feeling uncomfortable in my body. It was so hard to be present and work WITH my body (rather than against) until recently.

Childhood is where we learn to be people, and along the way we absorb opinions and ideas from the grown ups around us. When it is time to be a grown up ourselves, we consciously and unconsciously reinforce those ideas about ourselves, others, the world, you name it. I was a reserved kid. Though I talked a lot and had some sass, I generally was socially anxious and a bit cynical. I was known by family and friends as the “smart one” and grew into that persona. I focused on education and humanitarianism for most for a long time. When I got older I could feel a shift. I felt ready to be and do more. I am learning more about myself and growing my identity.

When I turned 20 years old, I found there was an untapped part of myself that needed to be released. I love to dance and I love to feel sexy. I’ve always loved to dance, but I never really took time to train that skill. Music naturally makes me move, but I no longer wanted to do the robot to sexy songs. Now, I am in a place of discovery. Discovering my body, discovering my sensuality, and discovering my rhythm. I want to be sexy, and with one pole dance class I found my sexy (in my own way of course)!

Why I chose pole dancing? I was looking for a new obsession. Something to learn, practice, and grow into. Something challenging and exciting. I also was in love with P-Valley so any opportunity to experience that I was up for. I started researching (like always) and saw a deal with a studio for new students and jumped on. The deal was unlimited classes for 7 days for $7! I could not pass that up. I signed up for a pole class immediately. I love the culture surrounding pole dancing. Any one and Any BODY can pole dance! I was nervous to bring the pole down, but I realized it is basically impossible to break a properly installed pole.

How was my first class? Exhilarating. I showed up in my normal gym shorts (but definitely had booty shorts by next class), a t-shirt and socks. I was nervous for sure for different reasons. One being that I have not danced in a long time and did not want to look foolish. Two, I did not want to hurt myself. Three, I have not been around other beings in a while (so it felt like the first day of school, shy AF). There was nothing foolish about learning to pole dance. The instructors make even the most awkward movements feel beautiful. The instructors gave careful instructions for newbies so I have no injuries thus far (besides soreness and my left big toe). It was easy to communicate with other students because we are all learning and having fun. There was lots of encouragement and help when learning a move. I had no idea how to touch a pole, let alone dance on one, but I left that class ready for more!

What did I learn? I learned so much! My mind was blown. So, first, I learned the proper way to grip a pole. I learned a couple beginner moves (pirouettes, ballerina, fireman, etc.), I learned how to climb the pole AND how to walk around the pole. As an added bonus, the instructors demonstrated some sexy (and helpful) floor moves. That knowledge is definitely enough for me to play and practice with for a bit before moving on. Things I have learned about my body: I have clammy hands, so chalk grip is a good resource; I need to practice to pointing and walking on my toes; I want to work on some technical and strength movements like the chair sit.

How is it going? I have taken 3 classes, made some friends and will be installing a pole in my apartment in the future. Basically I am in love with the culture of pole and I want to continue learning. The instructors from the studio (and other students) are so beautiful and fluid on the pole, so I have a “pole goal” if you will (was that lame?). I move sensually around my apartment and dance more often. I also make little pole choreographies in my head now when listening to music, so that’s been fun.

What’s next? I will continue taking classes and practicing what I can at home. I added some extra stretches in my morning/evening yoga routines to help with my flexibility and mobility, and I made my own pole dance playlist. I finished my pole classes for the week, and conveniently started my cycle so I have to take it a bit easier. I went to the studio for an hour of solo practice and felt great just practicing movements. I plan to take as many classes as my budget allows, and hopefully get a pole of my own.

Wanna try pole? Here is how to get started! Look up studios near you and compare prices. Take a free class or do a deal. First class is a vibe check, so if you aren’t feeling the love try a different studio or instructor. Don’t give up before you start. I found a studio that makes me feel safe and comfortable, so next is to become a member and join more classes! Be safe and have fun!



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