Apologies for the inactivity

Hi there! Thank you for reading this post. I’m glad it reached you and grateful you took the time to read this. Welcome if you’re new, hello again to those following this blog.

I apologize for the inactivity. Life got a little hectic. Like I said, this blog is for expressing my successes and pitfalls of adulthood. I am still 22, so it hasn’t been that long since I’ve posted…. still sorry though. I plan to fill you in on EVERYTHING ( and I mean it lol). I have so much to share with you! I am back to writing and creating so I plan to be better.

Let’s talk health and fitness. I injured myself because I thought i was better than a warm up. I was humbled quick. I pulled a muscle and haven’t been able to dance or gym for weeks! ugh, its been miserable. I am running super low on my medication so I have to get to the doctors office stat! I am trying not to get sick the rest of the year. So I plan on being that cautious person in their mask for cold/flu season.

But while I was down phyically, I got a new job and started house hunting. It is very interesting and not as scary as I thought it was going to be. I just am trying to maintain a strict work/life balance. I am getting the hang of the position pretty quickly so I’m happy about that. Having some family struggles that are weighing kinda heavy, but I am doing the best I can. I am making a finacial plan to cut down my debt and begin saving/investing. I also want to start paying on time and having disposable income.

I keep everything honest and authentic here. Let me get started with finishing ALL drafted posts. Why? because if those thoughts were ever on my mind to post, they might help someone someday. Lots of writing to do! Talk to you soon <3

~ M

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