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Get a Hobby! Coping with the Stress of Adulting

What up, what up?! How have you been doing? I wish I took more time to address you personally, but I am definitely working on some things to help you on your personal journey. Lately, I have been pretty stressed out and trying hard not to catastrophize things (as I tend to do). I recently found that having a hobby takes the edge off my stress and anxiety (who knew?!).

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5 Ways to Love your Body the way it is

Hi lovelies! I felt overly conscious of my body at the gym yesterday, and had to curb a negative thought. The thought was, ‘Ugh, it’s going to take forever for…

New Moon Ritual (Sunday, January 2, 2022)

Hi loves! Tonight is the first new moon of the 2022 year! A new moon signifies opportunities for change, which makes it a great opportunity to perform a manifestation ritual.…

Doing My Best (Making good habits on hard days)

I get in a slump sometimes, especially towards the end of a depressive episode. It does not help to criticize, punish, or regret what I could not get done while…

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