I decided to start traveling at 21

Hi Y’all! I wanted to take the time to invite you into my dreams. It can be hard to keep hope alive for dreams due to crushing day jobs, life struggles, and of course, money. I decided to take a leap as a start. My initial plan was to graduate univeristy with my Bachelor’s ofContinue reading “I decided to start traveling at 21”

Academic Anxiety… Is that a thing?

Academic anxiety is  ‘when someone experiences the symptoms of anxiety as a result of schoolwork or stress related to schoolwork‘ (psychology today 2021). That article discusses academic anxiety in adolescence. I found a Cornell study that explains academic anxiety a bit more in depth for adults pursuing higher education. A moderate amount of anxiety canContinue reading “Academic Anxiety… Is that a thing?”

I Love Me Too! A Journey of Self Love

Happy Sunday my loves! Lately I have been exploring what it means to love yourself, and reflecting on the love I have for myself. There was a point in my life where I was more concerned about how others see me, rather than how I see me. How many times have you heard, “You haveContinue reading “I Love Me Too! A Journey of Self Love”

A letter to my Teenage Self

Hey girl hey! It’s me, your future self. I just wanted to tell you some things that will help you right now. So, I know you feel the weight of the world on your shoulders. Don’t worry, you will catch a break. Now I’m not saying everything is perfect or that there aren’t pitfalls butContinue reading “A letter to my Teenage Self”

Doing My Best (Making good habits on hard days)

I get in a slump sometimes, especially towards the end of a depressive episode. It does not help to criticize, punish, or regret what I could not get done while I was down. I find it helpful to do a ‘brain dump’ on a piece of paper. A ‘brain dump’ is technique used to expressContinue reading “Doing My Best (Making good habits on hard days)”

Confidence and where to get it

I do not know about many of you, but I do not always feel comfortable in my skin or confident in myself. I have those moments of insecurity that carry on for days. I nitpick in the mirror about what needs to change, completely ignoring the full picture in front of me. I read onContinue reading “Confidence and where to get it”

Moving on (to Colorado and Beyond)!

Hey y’all! I wanted to take some time to share a life changing idea. Everyone’s idea of ‘life changing’ may be different. But for me, I want to change my plan. I want to ‘follow my heart’ (as corny as it sounds). I am in my third year in college. My life has progressed sinceContinue reading “Moving on (to Colorado and Beyond)!”

An Introduction to My Human Experience

Hello reader! My name is Mecca. First off, thank you for taking the time to visit my blog! I want this blog to be for YOU! It is called ‘My Human Experience’ for a reason, and you, my friend, are human (I hope). This is a blog of personal stories, experiences, and opinions, and, sometimes,Continue reading “An Introduction to My Human Experience”

Low on funds? Little ways to grow your money

Hello gorgeous souls! I wanted to take some time to talk about something important and ‘taboo’….. MONEY! Let’s be real, adulting takes more financial sacrifices than I was prepared for, and I already had money anxiety! It costs so much now to live on your own as a young adult. I just turned 22 andContinue reading “Low on funds? Little ways to grow your money”