Mercury Direct! Back to Normal

Finally! Mercury Retrograde is over!! I have been counting down the days. My thoughts have been scrambled, my emotions were not consistent, and I felt a complete loss of direction. But my horoscope told me today, “you wouldn’t be who you are, without realizing all the things you’re not”. That hit me, because I wasContinue reading “Mercury Direct! Back to Normal”

My Yogi Resolution Setback #1

Hello beauties! Guess what??? I got sick on the third day if my New year’s resolution. Yay! Seriously though, I felt like death. I had chills while I had my heat at 80 degree, I could not speak because my throat and chest hurt so bad, and I kept sleeping. I also didn’t eat, andContinue reading “My Yogi Resolution Setback #1”

New Moon Ritual (Sunday, January 2, 2022)

Hi loves! Tonight is the first new moon of the 2022 year! A new moon signifies opportunities for change, which makes it a great opportunity to perform a manifestation ritual. Set your intention and soak up the moons energy! Let this serve as a simple guide to beginning a new moon ritual. It is aContinue reading “New Moon Ritual (Sunday, January 2, 2022)”

A Yogi New Year! Evolving my yoga practice for 2022

Hello Hello! I wanted to share a New Year resolution of mine with you. I want to be a better yogi! What I mean by that is, I want to be more consistent and develop my lifestyle around it. I was a committed yogi in the past, but over the years my practice has beenContinue reading “A Yogi New Year! Evolving my yoga practice for 2022”

I decided to start traveling at 21

Hi Y’all! I wanted to take the time to invite you into my dreams. It can be hard to keep hope alive for dreams due to crushing day jobs, life struggles, and of course, money. I decided to take a leap as a start. My initial plan was to graduate univeristy with my Bachelor’s ofContinue reading “I decided to start traveling at 21”

Out with the Old (Year) and in with the New (Year)!

Hello my loves! We have made it to December 2021 (Queue the celebration music)! That means this crazy year is coming to a close. Here I am… munching on hot fries watching ‘Last Holiday’ in my new apartment thinking, “How do I want my 2022 year to be?”. I want to travel every month. TheContinue reading “Out with the Old (Year) and in with the New (Year)!”

Academic Anxiety… Is that a thing?

Academic anxiety is  ‘when someone experiences the symptoms of anxiety as a result of schoolwork or stress related to schoolwork‘ (psychology today 2021). That article discusses academic anxiety in adolescence. I found a Cornell study that explains academic anxiety a bit more in depth for adults pursuing higher education. A moderate amount of anxiety canContinue reading “Academic Anxiety… Is that a thing?”

I Love Me Too! A Journey of Self Love

Happy Sunday my loves! Lately I have been exploring what it means to love yourself, and reflecting on the love I have for myself. There was a point in my life where I was more concerned about how others see me, rather than how I see me. How many times have you heard, “You haveContinue reading “I Love Me Too! A Journey of Self Love”

Have a good morning! Little ways to jumpstart your day :)

Good morning to you! I wanted to check in on your energy today. How did you wake up feeling today? Sometimes I wake up ready to take on the day. Other times, I look forward to going back to sleep in x amount of hours. Normally, on the days I feel the least prepared, IContinue reading “Have a good morning! Little ways to jumpstart your day :)”

Down bad but coming up

“If you are depressed you are living in the past.If you are anxious you are living in the future.If you are at peace you are living in the present.” – Lao Tzu~~~~~~I was asleep for a while, but I am awake now. I had a fog over me that was limiting my success. It isContinue reading “Down bad but coming up”