Southern Girls Don’t Do Snow!

Howdy y’all! I wanted to discuss my move to Colorado from Texas a bit more in depth. Why? Well, I’ve been in this new state for about 6 months now (Damn. Time flew), and I recently traveled back to Texas for a family visit and noticed some distinct differences. I love being a country girl,Continue reading “Southern Girls Don’t Do Snow!”

I decided to start traveling at 21

Hi Y’all! I wanted to take the time to invite you into my dreams. It can be hard to keep hope alive for dreams due to crushing day jobs, life struggles, and of course, money. I decided to take a leap as a start. My initial plan was to graduate univeristy with my Bachelor’s ofContinue reading “I decided to start traveling at 21”

Moving on (to Colorado and Beyond)!

Hey y’all! I wanted to take some time to share a life changing idea. Everyone’s idea of ‘life changing’ may be different. But for me, I want to change my plan. I want to ‘follow my heart’ (as corny as it sounds). I am in my third year in college. My life has progressed sinceContinue reading “Moving on (to Colorado and Beyond)!”